Driverless Farming Tractor Concept

This is a preliminary study for an unmanned agricultural tractor in which the most important points will be:
- Two electric motors.
- Solar panels that provide power to the secondary systems.
- Vehicle guided by LIDAR and GPS.
- Remote management alongside a local console.


Testing a vintage lens with very bad reputation - Super Carenar 28mm f:2.8

Super Carenar 28mm f:2.8 is a vintage lens with a terrible and depressing reputation. Mine is korean made, and despite not being the best lens in the world, can take some quite acceptable photos. The center is relatively good but the corners are quite dim and blurred. No big chromatic aberrations are noticed and for video, and with a good sun-cap it turns out to be a good lens. Using f: 5.6, good results can be obtained, with f: 2.8 the bokeh not particularly interesting. The quality of construction is above average for this generation of lenses.

Other tests of archeology and photographic mechanics I've done:

Super Carenar 28mm f:2.8 Test Drive

Spartan Beard Label Design

We loved to make this label for Spartan Beard Co, so interesting and challenging. Beards are fashionable and the products of this universe need prominence and personality. We tried to play with the concept of strength, executing a label that shows youth, modernity and uniqueness.


StoreUp display corner

Our job was to materialize a simple concept in its function but complex in its objectives. These are devices that allow you to show products to sell but without a human salesperson. The customer should have contact with the products but the purchase is concluded in the interface embedded in each of the display corners or through the clients' mobile devices.


Repair Square Kiosk

Repair Square intends to place these kiosks / drop points in dozens of shops. If you are looking for a solution for a damaged mobile phone or tablet, you may be able to leave it at one of these points after identifying it, paying and packing your device.
Our work was to materialize this concept in an object that respects the aesthetics of the brand.