Designing Exterior Signage for Panaca Café y Antojos


This is a design completed in December 2023, having been developed in partnership with the marketing team of the Peruvian company PANACA. An extremely detailed study of the needs imposed by the brand was carried out. Panaca has several stores in the Peruvian capital - Lima, but the images refer to the store located on the corner of Amador Merino Reyna and Avenida Rivera Navarrete - a noble and modernized area of Lima. The brand has been establishing itself as a competitor to the big players, through a careful selection of products made available to customers and a very rational construction of its image.


A Safe Place


Slottsparken - Malmö 

Summer holidays are a time of discovery, a time to discover a pair of blue toilets lost in the landscape. Small and shy, they look up and ask themselves if the world is still a safe place.