The new CICECO logo

Yesterday the results of the Competition for the new CICECO - Aveiro Institute of Materials logo were announced, with the victory of our design proposal. Here are some notes about our submission.

The proposed logo is presented in two distinct versions. The first fulfills the requirements of the competition in its entirety, containing the text “CICECO” and also “Aveiro Institute of Materials” (in English and Portuguese), the second is a simplified version of the previous one and contains only the text “CICECO”. This second version should be used whenever a very small size is necessary or if it is only interesting disclosing the “CICECO” brand, however, as described in the Guide that accompanies this proposal, the logo to be considered should be the first.
The logo is composed by an illustration/iconographic image and two distinct text boxes. The image is simple in shape/form and literally readable as a capital letter C (CICECO). It conveys other values and messages, even containing a narrative. In this narrative, translated through the visual dynamics and fragmentation of the iconographic element, two scales of any material are exposed - the macro and the micro. The need to understand these two different scales for a complete apprehension of any material is thus narrated in this iconography.

The graphic language used is simple and concise, in order to make its use easy and immediate, as well as its understanding and empathy. We want the viewer to be immediately involved in the narrative described above and to memorize it as quickly as possible. Anyway, we want it to be effective and distinguished.
As CICECO is an important institution in the context of the University of Aveiro and even in a broader universe, we have built a solution that does not seek disruption but rather solidity in language and message.
The dominant color proposed in this first stage of research symbolizes the relationship with natural elements and Aveiro's proximity to terrestrial and marine ecosystems and the respect that research, industry and society should have for them. We want the observer to understand CICECO as an institution concerned with issues of harmony with nature and environmental sustainability.
Finally, we would like to emphasize that we intend to be effective in communication, immediate memorization and construction of an empathetic relationship with the institution represented in this logo.