Green Furniture Concept: My submissions to a public contest

I didn't win the prize but it was cool to design it and to render it. These company organized the contest at crowdspring.com with this descriptive brief:

What do you do?

We create furniture for commercial areas such as airports, railway stations and shopping malls. We call our type of interiors grand and seamless. See pictures to get a grip over the environment.

What is the product designed to do?

See this youtube-video when our founder Johan Behrin describes the problem: https://youtu.be/z9UTiViiQZI
The product that we want your help to design is a add-on ending to our Nova C Double bench, something that closes and finalizes the bench. We want you to design something that will fit the ending of the bench to hide the inside of the bench. See attached pictures to get dimensions of the bench and a clearer view of the problem that we want solved.(...)

 These were my submitted concepts: